The Domain today

The building of the old baths nowadays houses, besides the accommodation of the owners, four guestrooms and a separate cottage.

The stables have been converted into an independent cottage overlooking the park.

The casino has regained its luster of yesteryear and its past functions. It can host festive events and seminars on two floors. It has two terraces and it features a gym.

The courtyard, which formerly housed a laundry, is a convivial space dedicated to the breakfast of the guests.

The well, surmounted by its wind turbine, has been transformed into a fountain. Its basin is an old wash-house whose curbstone still bears the trace of the work of the washerwomen.

The swimming pool, located in an area sheltered from the wind, will delight sports enthusiasts as much as readers and idleness lovers.

The petanque field reminds that a stay in Provence cannot be conceived without some fierce games of bowls played before or during the aperitif.

The landscaped park of more than three hectares has been cleared and cleaned. Planted with some centennial trees – cedars, plane trees... –, it provides a vast area for walking and playing, and even a small golf practice!